Past Conferences

2011 International Congress on Energy - Sustaining Supplies

The 2nd International COngress on Energy was held October 16-21, 2011 at Minneapolis, MN. For six intensive days attendees gathered under one roof with the world’s most respected engineers and scientists engage in energy research, development and commercialization.  The conference featured more than 100 sessions related to technology, markets, business strategies and policy covering the solar, nuclear, lignocelluosics, biorefineries, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and green innovation energy sectors. To learn more about this conference, click here.


2010 International Congress on Energy - Sustaining Supplies

The first International Congress on Energy: Sustaining Supplies was held in November 7-12, 2010 at Salt Lake City, UT. The attendees discussed and debated the increasingly important question and focus on energy supply-related issues from multiple viewpoints. For six intensive days, the world’s most respected engineers and scientists engaged in R&D related to energy gathered under one roof to share cutting-edge research, stimulate innovative thinking and integrate ideas that will advance energy supply efforts across the board to compare existing energy supply options, explore the latest technologies and gain new perspectives about issues that will impact our lives, industries, environment and society. To learn more about this conference, click here.