1. How do I register for the International Congress on Energy:  Sustaining Supplies?

Register at http://www.aiche.org/conferences/aiche-annual-meeting/2012/registration-info.

2. What can I do if I have problems with the online registration:

Should you encounter any problems with the online registration, please adjust your computer settings or disable your e-mail filter and try again. If the problem persists, please contact energy@aiche.org and in the subject line write:  ICE registration assistance.

3. How do I learn more about sponsorship opportunities or member discounts:

For sponsorship opportunities, please call Doris Deutch at (646-495-1361) or e-mail us at energy@aiche.org.

4. How do I submit my abstracts:

Call for Papers is now CLOSED.

5. When will I be informed if my abstract is accepted?

Notification of abstracts acceptance will be emailed.   If you are not clear on the status of the abstract please email energy@aiche.org.

6. How can I obtain an official invitation letter for my visa application?

Please submit your request to Diane Cappiella at dianc@aiche.org.

7. Will certificates of partipation or CEU's be provided?

Yes.  You will need to contact Diane Cappiella at dianc@aiche.org for processing.

8. Any other questions?  Please email energy@aiche.org